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Corner Caddy Station With Modular Storage Upgrade

Corner Caddy Station With Modular Storage Upgrade

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Introducing the Corner Caddy Station with Modular Storage Upgrade from Glob Mob. This product includes both the Corner Caddy Station and the Modular Storage Upgrade.

This station is a great solution for organizing a wide-variety of accessories. From carb caps and tools to pearls and isopropyl alcohol, this station can consolidate that messy setup of yours into one compact lil’ corner. Both carb cap stands and banger slots are silicone-lined, making them stick resistant and highly functional. The silicone-lined pearl trays are a great addition as well, offering a convenient option for storing freshly used *hot* pearls while waiting for them to cool down so they can cleaned with alcohol.


This station features:
- a custom-made 5” x 4” silicone mat
- 4 silicone pearl trays (both heat resistant and stick resistant!)
- 3 tool holders
- 2 silicone carb cap stands
- 2 storage compartments for q-tips and more
- 2 silicone-lined 14mm banger slots,
- 2 silicone-lined 10mm banger adapters (to make the 14mm hole fit 10mm bangers too!)
- 2 slots that can be used for pearl tweezers / diamond grabbers / vape pens
- 1 oz jar that can be used for isopropyl alcohol storage

All rubber accessories are easily interchangeable/modular to allow for on-the-fly color swaps and easy cleaning. To see this in action, watch the video attached to this product listing. Additional rubber accessories (in any color) can be purchased separately, just check our store page. All rubber accessories are producing using food-grade platinum-cure silicone.

This product features rubber non-slip feet on its bottom side for increased stability.

DISCLAIMER - Rubber non-slip feet are not interchangeable and attempting to remove them could cause damage to either the rubber feet or the plastic base of the accessory

DISCLAIMER - Rubber non-slip feet are NOT made using food-grade silicone (and you really shouldn’t be finding yourself in a scenario where you wish they were)

The plastic used is a renewable bioplastic derived from corn called PLA. Studies have even shown that bacteria are able to digest PLA and break it back down to its basic building blocks, making it an environmentally friendly option to use!

DISCLAIMER - PLA plastic should not be subjected to extreme heat or the plastic may begin to warp and deform itself. Examples include being left inside a car on a hot sunny day or being left outside in the sunlight on a hot sunny day. With normal indoor use this should never happen to your product.

CLEANING INSTRUCTIONS - Gently wipe plastic with paper towel that is slightly dampened with isopropyl alcohol, do NOT use acetone or other solvents. Rubber parts can be with alcohol as well, but generally will clean up just by running them with a finger.

QUALITY GUARANTEE - If any of your products happen to have a defect or quality issue that we didn’t catch, simply send us a message and picture-verification within 3 days of receiving your package and we will send a replacement free-of-charge. In most cases you won’t be required to return the defective, however it is possible.

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