Welcome to Glob Mob Wholesale

This website is designed to make ordering as quick and easy as possible for wholesale customers. In order to use this site (and see wholesale prices), you will need to create an account and wait for your application to be approved. This process is usually complete within 1 business day.

  • Quality

    Our products are high-quality and functional. They serve a much needed purpose and they are designed to function exactly how user's need them to. From the rubber feet on the bottom to the numerous modular rubber parts, we overlook no detail.

  • Customizable

    With our new modular rubber system, customers can choose the exact color combinations they want and assemble their dream station in-store in the matter of a couple minutes. A great way to initiate more engagement with your customer's in-store.

  • Practical

    Our products fit the practical needs of all dabbers and smokers, making them an easy upsell in your store. Anytime a customer buys a dab tool, carb cap, banger, pearls or even a rig, is the perfect oppurtunity to offer the customer a Glob Mob product as well!